Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow/Winter(I-mean-Autumn) Shizz

Well, so far, a week after that lecture about blogging, i am indeed a failure! 
I've not uploaded any photos for the Fill-A-Book project...oops. My bad, college has been crazy busy.
But, 'bout this bloggingness - I just feel i'd have to nothing to blog about on a regular basis, other than college work, snow, being cranky, parents pissing me off, more college work, and more snow.
Oh and how shite this it-isn't-winter-yet-but-it's-gonna-snow-like-crazy-anyways-despite-we're-still-in-autumn!
Just can't appreciate it like i used to- just say, when i was 10. 
It used to be such a highlight, early before school, me and my little (now not so little) bro would play in the garden-making snow angels and lobbing hand-chilling snow balls at each other.
Ah, how times change. Now we just lob words of abuse. 
Aren't siblings darlings?

Just something to help me feel nice in this shitty time of year when tensions are high, and so are the gas bills. 
Bad times for Kat Von D last week, when i heard how her gorgeous kitty Valentine, replacement of the late Ludwig perished with Kat's home and belongings in a fire. Tragic! Hope Kat is coping with her loss. 

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