Monday, 28 March 2011

Oh man, long time no blog. I'll be back on track soonish! As you can see, college work has been stealing me away from normal life. As usual.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Girls piss me off.
So i'm spilling all agrivation into my 2D design work. Meh.
Inspiration for later work.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Printmaking with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

Good afternoon! This is a selection of prints i produced in printmaking today.
Used as i call her, the 'Lolly Girl' graphic as seen on Grand Theft Auto IV.
When thinking of a reference image to use, this came straight to me out of the blue.
Makes a change for me to print something non-animal related for once!

We practice both digital and traditional printing at my college. I personally prefer traditional as Photoshop tends to dislike me. 
I think the love put into handmade prints cannot be produced using a computer.
Anyways, i tried a varitation of colour swatches with this. I prefer some more than others, but uploaded them all either way.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Far Far Away

Hello there! Hope all is well with you.
I've been away most of this half term, i was in London (Haringey, Green Lanes to be exact) for four days visiting my good friend/sister/brother's ex girlfriend Ewa and my nephew cat Boris.
We did tonnes of walking (unfortunately, not so much buying), accidentally slept in late everyday despite planning to wake up early and get the most out of London and it's sights and the weather was dull.

But despite this, we still had lots of fun! 
I'd been needing to get to the Saatchi Gallery, the head of year on my course had been emphasizing that everyone should try and visit it whenever in London. So we had a good old gander.
I'll include some photos from my visit there shortly!
Besides the Saatchi Gallery (which i by the way found to be quite inspirational in areas), we took a trip down to The West End, and eventually Camden the following day.
Had planned to go the same day, but the city was crazy busy, so exhausting.

I didn't buy much down in London, i found that visiting such a vast amount of shops with a limited supply of £30, (which went up to £50 after a family friend was kind enough to give me a gift of £20, thank you Rae!) - was bloody difficult!
I didn't want to buy anything from just say, Topshop - (in which i barely can afford to buy stuff full price, out of sale) for the sole fact of burning money in my pocket. -I knew i'd regret it otherwise!
So instead i clung onto my money, and ended up buying this little beauty:

H+M, £3.99

My little owl find, it was a lucky discovery, found him hidden behind some adorable deer/fox/owl combo rings.
He was the last of his kind. I keep wanting to wear it non-stop, but i'm scared i'll tarnish it as i have with my other rings.Ugh, excuse my nasty looking skin, and panda eyes. Taken just before a face wipe, then bedtime.

Another two buys were from my beloved Camden Town, in the stalls. Oh i love it!
Damn my lack of money. I would have bought more!
My favorite buy has to be this though:

I love my mustard hat, £8! Currently I'm going through this phase of loving the colour-it's perfect.
Whilst in the West End i purchased a rather cute knit dress in a slightly darker mustard tone too. Need a bit of warmth to make up for the hair missing from my shaved patch. It's chilly without it! 
Whatever mustard next, i shall see.

I'm not photogenic.

I realise this has to be my longest post, my apologies, no doubt you're bored by now.
It's just i go so long without blogging, i have so much to show by the time i eventually do!

Finally, besides some lush H+M bedding i bought (and will have to include a picture of later), was this adorable card by the wonderful Rob Ryan whilst visiting the Saatchi Gallery. Only recently i was introduced to his amazing/envious work, so i totally had to buy this. It had me aawing.
I bought it specially to frame for my room:
Click to zoom in!

What have you been buying recently, and get up to anything exciting this half term?