Monday, 24 January 2011


I love coming down to the docks with a camera and my mum at the right time of day.
Just as the suns starting to dim and the clouds are fluffy and pink.
The photo above was taken last summer, old i know - although i did get some newer shots today was my Canon, which came out pretty nice.
I'll have to upload them later. Along with millions of photos of my finished Fill-A-Book project books.
Chow, x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Oh Hell No!

Long time no update! A fair amount has occurred since my absence from Blogging. Some good, some bad. 
Happy new year all by the way, I'm like a month late, my apologies. 
I have to be the worst blogger in the world! 
A brief note on today:
Had a nice day, the sun was shining, saw a good friend, made a plan for Friday with a newer friend, college was decent, went to the cinema with my mum (roughly 3 years since we last went together) and it now feels ruined by a certain comment a certain hypocritical someone made.
I shouldn't let it bother me, after all, I'm not being the two-faced one. Maybe i ought to listen to my newly beloved The Mars Volta, they are AMAZING!
*Fan girl scream*
I've included one of my favorite songs below, please listen. 
They are just gorgeous.


Even better news, for those unaware, as duh, i didn't tell the world - I've finally got my long-wanted love, a Canon 400D SLR camera, woo!
It's awesome, i'm eying it up now.

I'm still learning the ropes, i want to create some amazing photos - it's just knowing what to shoot, what setting etc.
Below are a few shots of what's been taken with it so far:

Just random shots from daily things in my life.
I end with -  take care all, and sorry if it takes me a couple more months to find the effort to