Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hello 2013

Whoa, i've just realised how long it's actually been since my last blog post- too long ago! 
I sort of lost interest in my own blog, i'm not very good with the writing part so i've been visually blogging for the past six months using Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook via Instagram via my Iphone. 
Being a new year, i told myself i must get back into blogging; writing my feelings and thoughts down, sharing actual decent photos rather than my grainy Instagram pictures. 
But i tell myself a lot of things, so we'll see.
Been a little inspired by Ella Master's amazing blog! So i'm hoping a little inspiration will go a long way and one day i will be a self-confessed blogging addict/queen.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Long time time no post! Superrr massive apologies for this! I am the worst blogger on earth aha!
I think the last time i blogged was around my big summer assessment, and i was freaking out because i was so worried that i wouldn't get the work finished in time - and getting myself an awful grade. 
Well i didn't finish the project 100% but i was close enough, and still earned a distinction, with thanks to the lovely tutor. 
I still can't get over that i haven't blogged in such a long time! 
Life has been pretty busy, a few up ands downs, naturally; had a pretty nice summer at home, loved our weather while it lasted! Just come back from an awesome college trip to Amsterdam! I want to move there now and live in a house with big windows with my future-to-be-Sphynx cats. (Oh yes, my current dream would to become a fully-fledged Sphynx kitty breeder. And to then create illustrations about my cats.)
Now just looking forward to getting my big upcoming assessment out the way, and following that, Christmas! (Then my birthday! My Boxing Day birthday is definately one my favorite things) Exciting times, although i've been so badly organized this year for presents, normally i have atleast half of my friend's/families presents bought about now.

I hope you all had lovely summers, and are looking forward to the festivies of Christmas! (when they're not forcing it on us so early on) 
I'll include a few photos from the space between my last blog post and now <3


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Absent but still here


I realise it's been a while since i last blogged, this is due mainly to the book illustration project i'm still working on. But here's some snapshots of my time spent in my room, working towards finishing my book. Appologies, as photos are a little dark, i took them late at night.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Having a bit of an illustration-block right now, meh. I'm currently doing my 6 week book project and i feel somewhat lost. Second week is nearly over and i haven't even finished in-depth research let alone starting the book.
I'm basing my project around areas of experience in my eighteen years alive and plan to illustrate these experiences.
The problem is i don't know how. 
Perhaps I'm thinking too hard, but looking at Illustration greats like Ashley G and Drew and Lizzy Stewart is just making me feel that what I'm doing is all wrong. Their styles are beautiful, simple yet comprehensive.
I'm totally unsure of how to express my style into a working image.
Freaking out also that I'm not going to get the book done in time.
Unsure of whether posting my worries will help any, I'm hoping it will. 
Perhaps a good nights sleep will help me get my head around this all. 

Lizzy Stewart

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I miss my camera, it's been away in London with my oldest brother Richard since Monday as he needed it to photograph something for Ebay.
A little bit of a pain in the ass, i miss being unable to take tonnes of photos of my cats, things i buy from my favorite charity shop, and generally, life.
Besides, i need it for a wedding of some good friends that I'm attending this Saturday.

Despite feeling rather torn away from my camera, I've had a fairly good half term so far.
I've been working on my book for the colleges illustration project, 25 drawings relating to words from a letter of our choice. Mine of course, was 'B' for Boo... brains/bastard/bus/beer/baby, you get the idea.

I'm going on my first hen night tonight. All exciting stuff. Breaking out the rather vampy purple lipstick and drinking cocktails. It's all good! How's your week been?