Thursday, 14 April 2011


I miss my camera, it's been away in London with my oldest brother Richard since Monday as he needed it to photograph something for Ebay.
A little bit of a pain in the ass, i miss being unable to take tonnes of photos of my cats, things i buy from my favorite charity shop, and generally, life.
Besides, i need it for a wedding of some good friends that I'm attending this Saturday.

Despite feeling rather torn away from my camera, I've had a fairly good half term so far.
I've been working on my book for the colleges illustration project, 25 drawings relating to words from a letter of our choice. Mine of course, was 'B' for Boo... brains/bastard/bus/beer/baby, you get the idea.

I'm going on my first hen night tonight. All exciting stuff. Breaking out the rather vampy purple lipstick and drinking cocktails. It's all good! How's your week been?

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