Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Long time time no post! Superrr massive apologies for this! I am the worst blogger on earth aha!
I think the last time i blogged was around my big summer assessment, and i was freaking out because i was so worried that i wouldn't get the work finished in time - and getting myself an awful grade. 
Well i didn't finish the project 100% but i was close enough, and still earned a distinction, with thanks to the lovely tutor. 
I still can't get over that i haven't blogged in such a long time! 
Life has been pretty busy, a few up ands downs, naturally; had a pretty nice summer at home, loved our weather while it lasted! Just come back from an awesome college trip to Amsterdam! I want to move there now and live in a house with big windows with my future-to-be-Sphynx cats. (Oh yes, my current dream would to become a fully-fledged Sphynx kitty breeder. And to then create illustrations about my cats.)
Now just looking forward to getting my big upcoming assessment out the way, and following that, Christmas! (Then my birthday! My Boxing Day birthday is definately one my favorite things) Exciting times, although i've been so badly organized this year for presents, normally i have atleast half of my friend's/families presents bought about now.

I hope you all had lovely summers, and are looking forward to the festivies of Christmas! (when they're not forcing it on us so early on) 
I'll include a few photos from the space between my last blog post and now <3