Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hello, Half Term

Thank goodness for sunshine, it's just made my life 100% better! After a fricken ridiculous 11 weeks straight of coursework, I'm now super happy to have completed all my assessments and finally having some time to enjoy freedom from college, despite that i love being there.

I've been enjoying the company of my friend today, making the most of the weather by visiting Needham Mark, before coming back and chilling in Christchurch Park for a good few hours.
We've got nephew cat, Boris- pictured below visiting too, as mummys in Poland getting her teeth done. He's so loveable now he's had his little peanuts chopped off!

I watched Chocolat for the first time ever today, and oh man, Johnny Depp looked lush.
It was already a really good film, him being in it was just the bonus! 
He annoyingly looks just as gorgeous as he grows older, mmmmm.
We women should be just as lucky! 

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