Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fill-A-Book Project Photographic Progress

Okay! Here's the progress with my book.
I now have two books though, the new one being a novel called 'The Truth About Diamonds' by Nicole Richie. Yes, that bimbo who's shortly either marrying or already married her long-term man and father of her two children, Joel Madden. It was only a £1 in one of my favorite charity shops- nice hardback with tonnes of pages. So i thought, why not.

Anyways, being Blogger, the photos are probably gonna jumble up on me, mm, i'll try to get them in order as best as possible.

Green Day/Basketcase? Inspired

I love character pages, this reminds me of crumbling paint.
See below for progress


D is for Deer.

Queen. A ball of fuzzball hair and a corgi, which my thumb just so happens to be covering.


Do it!

 Most of these pages shown are depicting one of our tasks, do something that represents a letter of the alphabet on every page.
Some of the photos are missing, due to the fact i didn't rotate them before uploading them from the server as i figured there would be a rotate button on here, oh how wrong i was!
More to come later...


  1. Looks amazing! What a good use for such an icky book.

  2. Aw, thank you! I would have replied sooner, but i only just noticed your comment!