Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fill-A-Book Project

Well, well.. long time no post! 

I thought after the interesting lecture my tutor Jess (aka- cuppa tea and cake) gave about blogs and their many uses, i ought to update this with things other than compulsory blogged college work, and for example, the progress of a new project we were given today in drawing:

 Whey! It's awesome.

Basically, we were given a random book, i received some Christmassy poem book- it's decent enough with some nice illustrations, though just a lack of size and pages (only 48 to be exact)- Although this isn't a tragedy as i'll only just go buy another from one of the many charity shops in town.

Aswell as the book, we were handed a A4 sheet filled to the bottom of the page with tasks to complete in our books, e.g. " Make a self-portrait out of cotton and glue, leave a set of drawn footprints over several pages that leads to the creature that created them, get a stranger to draw on one of your pages then copy it on another page using different material." The list goes on and on...
I don't know about anyone else, but i can't wait to get into this! 
We have 5 weeks  roughly to complete the book, i want to be so inspired that the pages will be bursting with creativity- i usually really struggle to be creative with my art, so this should be interesting! 

I plan to take photos every couple of days to show how my books coming along. We're expected to do like  a page or so everyday, i'll certainly try and give it my best! 
Wish me luck!


  1. That sounds like a brilliant project! Oh, I miss doing stuff like that, make the most of it :)

  2. It's such a lovely project! And thank you! I shall most certainly try!