Monday, 1 November 2010

Pinhole Photography Research + Examples Of Photography Genres

Was meant to post this ages ago, but coursework from my other classes has been a burden....
Feeling a little bit stressed right now! Got two days till my assessment, well, one to get everything done by and printed off at college, ughhhhhh.... stresssed, lost my sheet for what i'm meant to include here and in my book! Shit!

That was the state i was in yesterday, when i wrote it.
Today, i am calm, and slightly confident that i'll actually get to bed before 4am once i've finished my coursework that's due to be finished for my evaluation on the 2nd of this month, ooh that's today!

Firstly... Pinhole Photography, and a little bit about it! 

 Pinhole Photography can be used for art, science and fun! 
An inexpensive method of taking photographs, provided you borrow someones darkroom, and development chemicals.
Basically, all a pinhole camera is is a lightproof, lensless thing with a pin-sized hole on one side. The tiny hole is used to photograph, once exposed to light. 
Designing a pinhole camera can be pretty fun! It doesn't take much to create one either, some black flat paint, black gaffer tape, aluminum, a pin, and a camera of your choice!
Some of the most amazing pinhole photographs have been taken using normal/average everyday items, like Pringle/biscuit/cake tins, shoe/oatmeal boxes, even wheely bins and a discarded fridge! 
I also read somewhere recently of the worlds largest pinhole 'camera' - that being an abandoned jet hangar! It earned the title of world's largest camera, and the print made from the hangar- the world's largest photograph in The Guinness World record book.
 Leonardo Da Vinchi and Isaac Newton both used pinhole for research.
Pinhole photography has become recently popular over the years,  it can be described as:
'experimental, fascinating, fun, gripping, inexpensive, uncommon, unusual, scientific, simple, time consuming, unique, challenging, and artistic'
I agree with all of the above! 

Pinhole photography is incredibly clever, still to this day i'm amazed by the idea of it!
Although i still have a job trying to work out exposure times.
Exposures are varied, ranging from half a second to several hours.
And the photographing can be extremely unpredictable, so to begin with, when first shooting with a pinhole camera, you may create some duds! Well, if you're me, you will anyways! 
Once successfully developed, pinhole prints will appear softer, lacking image sharpness. 
This will help make a photo seem more characteristic. Which i think is the reason i love pinhole photography so much. It's definitely something to be tried, if anything  - at least once! 

Photography Genres

Here's a few different examples of photography genres. Although they're not the same as those in my sketchbook.


I absolutely love animal themed photography! It's simply described with no other word than cute! On my Deviantart account half of the stuff i've favored is someone's sweet fluffy cat, adorable lion cubs/foxes/puppies or beautiful, elegant horses. I love the playfulness animals can unintentionally display, like in the photograph of the two foxes shown above ^^  So lovely


I love action shots for the fact that they can be so wow-factorish! I look and think, how on earth did they manage to capture that so perfectly, with no blur to be seen.
Although, now i know, a super fast shutter speed is required to capture such a magnificent still image.  


Wedding photos are always going to have the 'aww' factor, i aww because i love the happiness/love the photos show- everyone's smiling, making it very clear they're so so happy, so very in love. It's such a special moment! It's hard to describe it! I just hope if i ever get married, my photos will look just as beautiful, provided i don't blink in all of them!  

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