Sunday, 3 October 2010


Well, good afternoon! After a little discussion with fellow college-mate James, he told me he could design me a tattoo! Happy times!
I've only really this year come up with the idea of an actual tattoo i'd love to permanently ink on my body, (or forearm actually!)
It'd be great to own an actual sketch of what i'd like, so when the time comes, i can hopefully just take it in somewhere and get it done.
And James is definitely the person i'd want to have design it, i've seen his tattoo based designs, immense! 

Basically, all i'm wanting is a tribute for my parents who aren't actually dead, but still.. in the form of an anchor.. because they share a love for the sea. They're not sailors, and neither am i. But, meh!
I actually own this necklace (great website, btw!) and i love it's form, so i'd definitely would like it to look like that when inked onto myself.

Next, i'd like it in a cameo style border, i have a love for cameos, so this tattoo will be all love!
I think it'd have to be quite delicate as i wouldn't want it to over power the whole tattoo! 
The internet provided me me the results of a rope effect somewhat on the inside of an oval border. Thank you Google, although, i'd have to make some changes:

Then to top it off, above my beloved parents name sprawled in separate banners, above and below the anchor, with the typical sailor 'mom' font. The image, below; is actually very similar to the original tattoo design i was hoping to get, before i changed my mind for this design.. mm, decisions, decisions!

Now when do i get this beast of a tattoo done? Well that is the question! 
When my parents aren't going to throw out of the house for it i guess!
Watch this space!

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