Friday, 1 October 2010

Pinhole Photography College Work!

Hello! Well, this is the first ever blog I've written in, i guess there's a first for everything..
Each individual student on the National Diploma course has been asked to create a blog account.
So here is mine!
As shown below is some results from my attempt at pinhole photography:

But first,
 My Vans Pinhole Camera, woohoo!
Annie & Sheera with their Pringle tin cameras!

 Before & After, lightened and rotated using Adobe Photoshop
Used a friend as the subject for this!

For this photograph, i must have exposed it roughly for 2 minutes, correct me if I'm wrong though.. It's easy to loose track of exposure time when shooting and developing.
Really quite pleased with the result of this photograph, the first 7 or so images i shot all turned out to be complete failures!
So it was a delight for me to find photographs that weren't ridiculously  over-exposed!  


This was the first print that was somewhat a success, using my vans shoebox! I was finally happy, developing blacked out prints can be somewhat depressing.
I can't be sure on how long i exposed this for, I'm sure my tutor could tell me! He's a genius.
Mm, do i guess how long i did this for?.... A minute or two maybe?

Ooh, and here's a how-to page scanned from my sketchbook...

Hope it's readable. :)

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